Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Transparency and player loyalty. A missed opportunity?

The dynamically changing gambling industry is posing gaming operators with both challenges and opportunities to creating competitive advantage. Technology is driving increasing demands from customers as gaming operators become more sophisticated and accessible. Player management is becoming increasingly important in terms of generating revenue and preserving player loyalty. The players' experience must become easier, more mobile and uphold responsible gaming standards. Responsible gaming is increasingly coming to the forefront of the industry and regulators will require operators to meet higher standards in the future.

But aren't operators already doing enough? At Bet Buddy we believe they need to take transparency and player loyalty to the next level. Why? Because the relationship between society and corporations is changing. Customer service, the environment and corporate ethics are at the forefront of the publics' mind. Customer service charters, corporate social responsibility reports and environmental policies will not be enough in the future. Trust in business is a brand differentiator. The Edelman Trust Barometer 2010 reported that "a company I trust is the top driver of corporate reputation in the UK". And McKinsey research states that "company CFOs largely agree that environmental and social programmes will create value over the long term for corporates".

At Bet Buddy we believe gambling operators need to place greater emphasis on being profitable whilst also protecting players. Responsible gaming is increasingly relevant to operators' players, authorities and society. It is a critical element of operators' strategies and could become a missed opportunity...