Thursday, 20 May 2010

A happy player is an informed player

The other day I was talking to a former senior executive at one of the major online gaming operators and he told me that one of the challenges in promoting responsible gaming is that some players do not want to know how much they are spending, as the truth could give them an unpleasant surprise. He asked “would you want to know how much money you spent on beer last year?” This got me thinking. I calculated that I spent around £1000 last year on beer. Did this horrify me? Did this make me want to cut back on how much beer I drink? No it didn’t. Actually, it made me realise that I do like to drink in moderation as I quite enjoy it. In fact, it made me think that I wouldn’t mind knowing whether my drinking habits and spend remain in my own levels of moderation. For the vast majority of gamblers online gaming is fun. And at Bet Buddy, we believe that a happy player is an informed player. Keep it fun!