Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Bet Buddy wins significant R&D investment from the UK Technology Strategy Board

Bet Buddy, the innovative and award-winning gaming analytics business has recently won approval for significant R&D funding from the Technology Strategy Board. The funding will support pioneering development work, leveraging City University's academic skills to further machine-learning driven consumer protection techniques.
Bet Buddy provides advanced analytics solutions to the gaming industry, helping gaming companies to better understand and interpret player behaviours, and also to better manage problem gamblers.
In conjunction with City University London's Machine Learning Group, Bet Buddy led a proposal to research advanced techniques in consumer protection and related business domains. The project combines Bet Buddy's proven models and real-world capability to deliver meaningful business services to the gaming industry with City's leading-edge machine-learning research, specifically the use of deep learning models.
The Technology Strategy Board - the UK's 'innovation agency' - is a body established by government to drive economic growth by stimulating and supporting business-led innovation.
Founder and CEO of Bet Buddy, Simo Dragicevic, noted,
'TSB support for this project is invaluable. Whilst we have the market-leading solution for responsible gaming, at the heart of data science is the concept of continuous improvement, and that applies to our products too. Combining the latest academic research into machine-learning with Bet Buddy's proven service and analytic approaches will drive the development, availability and quality of next-generation real-time behavioural analytic solutions across a growing number of sectors'.