Saturday, 17 March 2012

Social Marketing Campaigns

We've been taking a look at the responsible gaming social marketing campaigns that have been launched over the years:

We have pinned 70 examples on to this Pinterest board. The majority of examples originate from Australia, the US and Canada (however we did predominantly use English search terms which has no doubt missed some non-English speaking campaigns). Unsurpisingly there is a heavy emphasis on the potential negative consequences, with a number focusing on impacts on relationships. Whilst many of the older campaigns focus on the words 'problem, gambling and responsible', it's interesting to see how some of the more recent campaigns are framing the messaging without using these words and focusing on different ways to connect the message to a broader audience e.g. images of 'everyday people' enjoying gambling in a responsible manner. Some campaigns are using eye-catching images and videos to visually highlight potential pitfalls whilst others are leveraging other recongnisable social marketing campaigns (e.g. safe sex) in the context of gamblimg. There's also an increasing framing of responsible gaming as something a smart, sensible and thinking-person's gambler would do (see this too). Did we miss any you like? If yes, please post the link in a comment below.