Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Saving the world through changing your casino

So we can now bet and lose our cash with a weight lifted from our moral conscience through Green Bet. The way it works is that if you set-up an account and gamble through a Green Bet affiliate, the operator puts aside 45% of its winnings (or your losses) towards a project to develop a Green Tower solar project in North Africa. So, do punters have a green conscious, to such an extent that they are prepared to switch and set-up online accounts with Green Bet affiliates? Well, William Hill online have signed-up, so maybe. The idea is novel and I have no objections to it, however success depends upon enough operators to be willing to sign-up to the programme. Operators are incredibly protective of their brands so my guess is the majority will sit back and wait and see what happens. Also, wouldn’t it be better and more appealing if the players themselves had a say in which charities their losses supported? And whilst I have nothing against solar projects in Africa, what about helping the betting operators to focus on the sustainability initiatives that really matter to the industry and their customers?